Sandra Rone Mireles
From A Layman's Point of View

Spiritual Warfare: A Handbook

A practical down to earth discussion of the paranormal and negative entities, demons, and spiritual encounters experienced by some believers. While it is true that some believers never have such experiences, other believers are consistently troubled by relentless spiritual attacks. This is a handbook designed to give the believer the tools needed to take authority over such entities. The Holy Ghost filled individual already has the tools to deal with these spirits. This is not a discussion about casting demons out of people. At present that is not the area of expertise of the author. If you are looking for the tools to protect your home and family from very real spiritual attacks, this book is for you!
Available from the Pentecostal Publishing House

Have You Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed? 

Bible study notebook with scripture reference index as well as note pages at the end of each chapter. A well planned resource for anyone interested in receiving the Holy Ghost or curious about speaking with tongues. This study book is written to inform interested individuals and is not an attempt to convert you from your church.  Large print edition written to enlighten and bless your daily walk. 
Available from the Pentecostal Publishing House

 Walk In The LIght is a resource for intercessory prayer. A Bible Study book with scripture reference index as well as note section to make your own comments and reminders. A must have for your library. Available at the Pentecostal Publishing House
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